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Ctg Awami League MPs’ assets soar in 5 years

Staff Reporter:

The assets of a number of candidates nominated by the Awami League in Chattogram for the 12th parliamentary election increased several-fold in the last five years, according to the documents submitted by them.

The movable assets of Awami League candidate MA Latif doubled, that of Deputy Education Minister Mohibul Hassan Chowdhury increased around four-fold, and that of Abu Reza Md Nezamuddin Nadvi rose 3.5 times in the last five years, shows an analysis of their affidavits submitted in 2018 and 2023. They all are incumbent lawmakers.

Latif’s movable asset doubles

Annual income of the Awami League (AL) nominated candidate in Chattogram-11 (Bandar-Patenga) constituency and incumbent lawmaker MA Latif dropped, but his movable assets doubled in the last five years.

According to the affidavit submitted for participating in the 11th parliamentary election, Latif’s annual income in 2018 was Tk82.37 lakh, which has dropped to Tk74.82 lakh in 2023, according to the document he submitted for contesting the upcoming election.

In the corresponding period, Latif’s movable assets more than doubled – from Tk2.64 crore in 2018 to Tk5.72 crore in 2023.

In 2018, he had cash money and bank deposits amounting to Tk1.86 crore and currently, he has Tk2.37 crore in cash and Tk42.42 lakh in bank accounts.

Latif had no vehicle in 2018, but in the latest affidavit, he mentioned a vehicle worth Tk7.05 lakh.

Besides, the incumbent lawmaker from Chattogram-11 constituency has bonds and company shares worth Tk8.46 lakh, gold worth Tk45,000, electronics items worth Tk78,000, and furniture worth Tk25,000.

In the affidavit, Latif said his source of income was business.

Latif’s wife owns movable properties worth Tk1.76 crore including cash Tk52.19 lakh, bank deposit of Tk78.44 lakh, bonds and company shares of Tk44.73 lakh, gold of Tk5,000, electronics of Tk80,000 and furniture of Tk30,000.

Mohibul’s loan rises 11-fold

Mohibul Hassan Chowdhury, deputy education minister and AL-nominated candidate from Chattogram-9 (Kotwali) constituency, had annual income of Tk50.45 lakh in 2018, which has shot up to Tk79.28 lakh in 2023.

In 2018, Mohibul had movable assets worth Tk1.61 crore, which has increased over four-fold to Tk6.95 crore in 2023, according to the affidavits he submitted in the respective years.

Five years ago, the deputy minister and his wife had no immovable assets, but currently he has agricultural land worth Tk4 lakh, and a building worth Tk1 crore. Besides, his wife possesses a building worth Tk35 lakh.

According to the affidavits, the deputy minister’s bank loan has increased over 11 times in the last five years – from Tk32.35 lakh in 2018 to Tk3.65 crore in 2023.

Lawmaker Nadvi’s movable assets increase 3.5 times

The income of Abu Reza Md Nezamuddin Nadvi, the incumbent lawmaker from Chattogram-15 (Satkania) constituency, increased 3.5 times in the last five years, according to the documents he submitted for contesting elections.

In 2018, Nadvi’s annual income was Tk52.07 lakh, which now stands at Tk1.81 crore.

In the 2018 affidavit, his movable assets were shown as worth Tk1.73 crore, and the latest documents reporting his wealth say his movable assets worth Tk5.97 crore, registering a growth of around 3.5 times.

His wife’s immovable property also increased 3.5 times in the last five years.

According to the 2018 affidavit, Nadvi’s wife had movable property worth Tk19.28 lakh, which has increased to Tk67.54 lakh in 2023.

MP Mostafiz’s income soars

Mostafizur Rahman Chowdhury became a lawmaker for the first time in 2014. He and his wife together had an annual income of Tk45,000 in 2018. But, the lawmaker currently earns Tk32.58 lakh, while his wife earns Tk8.77 lakh per year.

His wife had a five-storey building worth Tk42.10 lakh in 2018. Currently, she owns a flat worth Tk64 lakh in the capital.

Information and broadcasting minister’s loan rises

Information and Broadcasting Minister and lawmaker from Chattogram-7 (Rangunia) constituency Dr Hassan Mahmud had an annual income of Tk26.62 lakh in 2018 while his wife’s income was Tk24.78 lakh.

In 2023, the minister’s annual income stood at Tk3.99 lakh, excluding the allowances he gets as minister. His wife’s income dropped to Tk10.57lakh.

The minister had Tk1.21 crore loans in 2018, which has increased to Tk2.28 crore in 2023.

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