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Dev to be continued in next 5 yrs: PM

Staff Reporter:

Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina yesterday told the parliament that her govern-ment was committed to continue journey towards development in the next five years.
“We have achieved success in every sector as the government has taken and implemented development plans and farsighted and constructive activities in the last 15 years. The Awami League government has determined to continue the journey towards development in the next five years,” she said.
She said this while replying to a question of the ruling AL lawmaker from Sirajganj-6 constituency Cha-yan Islam on the government’s development plan in the current tenure of the government in the question-answer session slated for her.
The Prime Minister thanked the people for giving her party another chance to run the state for the next five years.
“We want to make sustainable the development that took place during 20 years of Awami League gov-ernment. The people gave the chance to the Awami League government by giving them mandate through vote,” she said.
Sheikh Hasina said her government has taken a number of long-term development projects in the last 15 years from 2009 to 2024.
“Bangladesh has got the acknowledgement as a model country for development for taking and imple-menting the projects,” she added.
The Prime Minister said the current government has been relentlessly working for ensuring economic development of the entire population alongside implementing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations (UN).
Referring to the Vision 2021, she said her government has implemented the first perspective plan 2010-2021 aimed at establishing Bangladesh as a middle income and information and technology based coun-try by 2021.
During the period of first perspective plan, Bangladesh had implemented 5th and 6th five year plans, she said.
For the reason, she said, Bangladesh upgraded from lower income country to lower middle income country in July 1, 2015.
Bangladesh has achieved on an average 7.13 percent growth during the period of the 7th five-year plan, she said.
The present government has been working to ensure food security, improved water resources manage-ment and suitable development after facing the impact of the climate change, she added.
The AL government has formulated a 100-year mega plan, Bangladesh Delta Plan-2100, taking into con-sideration agriculture, fisheries, industries, forestation, public health and environment, she said.
“The Delta Plan-2100 will be considered as a milestone measure in the country’s development pro-grammes,” she added.
The Prime Minister said implementation of the Delta Plan has already been started.
The main of the Delta Plan is to build a climate resilient prosperous Delta, she said.
Sheikh Hasina said the present government has been working to implement the Vision 2041 to material-ise the dream of the Father of the Nation and for pursuing the vision, they have formulated the perspec-tive plan 2021-2041.
The perspective plan has two major targets which are to make Bangladesh a developed country by 2041 with per capita income of over 12500 US dollars and a Golden Bangladesh where the poverty will be as a matter of long past, she added.
“Bangladesh will be a developed and prosperous Bangladesh free from poverty by 2041,” she said.
The Prime Minister said Bangladesh is currently implementing the 8th five-year plan and its main motto is “Development will take place with leaving behind none, but taking all,” she said.
After taking floor prior to answering the questions, Sheikh Hasina said there were so many obstacles and conspiracies to foil the 12th Parliamentary election that took place on January 7.
“I express my gratitude to the people of Bangladesh, the voters of this country as they went to the poll-ing stations ignoring all the conspiracies and exercised their voting rights.”
The countrymen have given the Awami League an opportunity to serve the country through giving man-date, she said.
She thanked the Election Commission, law enforcing agencies, armed forces, civil administration and people of Bangladesh for conducting such a free, fair and impartial elections.
She also expressed gratitude to the people of her constituency Kotalipara-Tungipara of Gopalganj for working for her win in the last general election.
Replying to a question of ruling party lawmaker elected from Bhola-2 Ali Azam, the Prime Minister said that there is strong support and unwavering confidence of the people of the country in the progress of the government.
“No evil force can block the way of this democratic process of development of Bangladesh,” she said.
The leader of the House said that the government has upheld the dignity of the country’s constitution, democracy and democratic institutions taking people of the country with them.
“It will be maintained the future too, InshaAllah.”
Replying to another question from treasury bench lawmaker from Madaripur-2 Shajahan Khan, Sheikh Hasina said some 1,241 people were sentenced in 1,967 cases in connection with BNP-Jamaat’s subver-sive activities between 2012 and 2015.
Shajahan Khan wanted to know what measures have been taken against those involved in the subversive activities of BNP-Jamaat in the name of the so-called democratic movement from 2012 to 2015 and from October 28, 2023 to January 7, 2024.
In reply, the Prime Minister said a total of 188 people died while 4,973 others were injured during BNP-Jamaat’s so-called democratic movement between 2012 and 2015 and from October 28, 2023 to January 7, 2024.
Sheikh Hasina, also the leader of the House, said BNP and its allies have indulged in the evil game of arson-terrorism, killing innocent people and members of the law enforcement agencies through irrational movement in the name of resisting the elections.
In response to a query by AL MP Md Abdullah elected from Laxmipur-4, the Prime Minister said that in recent times, BNP-Jamaat and their allies tried to disrupt the 12th national elections by destabilizing the country in the name of arson attacks, hartals and blockades.
“They caused huge damage to people’s lives and properties by setting fire to trains and killing innocent people, uprooting train lines and damaging fish plates, vandalizing various public and private buildings and vehicles, including the Chief Justice’s residence and Rajarbagh Central Police Hospital.”
She said that from October 28, 2023, over 600 vehicles were vandalized across the country through vio-lent activities.
Besides, 328 vehicles, including 184 passenger buses, 48 trucks, 28 covered vans, 3 CNGs, 4 private cars, 11 pickups, 5 trains, 15 motorcycles, three lagunas, one ward councilor office, one auto rickshaw, one high school, 12 primary schools, 4 homes, one Buddhist temple and one boat were set on fire.
Sheikh Hasina also said many people, including drivers, helpers, police, BGB personnel, workers and freedom fighters were killed, injured and crippled during their blockades and hartals.
“Thirteen people were killed in those incidents. Among them, 9 people were killed in train sabotage.”
Mentioning that the country has efficient law enforcement agencies, judicial system and existing laws to identify and punish those involved in crimes like arson, vandalism, subversive activities, the Prime Min-ister said measures in line with the existing law is going on to take proper measures against those in-volved in subversive activities.

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