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Chicken prices go up in a week

Staff Reporter:

Ahead of Holy Ramadan, the prices of broiler chicken and Sonali cocks have increased by Tk10 to 30 per kg in contrast to a week ago.
Broiler chickens were sold at record prices before last Ramadan. At that time, the price of broiler chick-en was Tk 225 to Tk 235 per kg. At one stage it exceeded Tk 250 per kg. Now the price of broiler has increased from Tk 200 per kg last week to Tk 220 per kg.
Sonali cock prices increased by Tk 20 to 30 per kg, selling at Tk370 to 380 per kg from Tk Tk350 per kg, while the Sonali hen was selling at Tk 320 to 350 per kg instead of Tk 310 to 330, in contrast to a week earlier.
Though the price of broiler chicken is not like last year, the price is increasing like other essential goods, said the market insiders.
The concerned people said that 45 days ago, each farm broiler chick (1 day old) was sold for around Tk70. Broiler chicks usually cost around Tk30 per piece, and so due to this high asking price, farmers reduced the number of new chicks on the farm.
That is why the supply of broiler chickens in the market has now decreased. As a result, prices are in-creasing. Chicken traders feel that, like last time, the authorities need to supervise so that there is no in-stability in the market before Shab-e-Barat and Ramadan.
Bangladesh Poultry Association President Sumon Hawladar said that the prices of all types of chickens are increasing.
When the prices of meat and eggs increase, chicken prices also increase as the supply is short.
He said that measures were required when the price of a 1-day-old jumped to Tk 80 per piece from Tk 30. The cost of farming increased rapidly, and the consequence of this is that the price of broiler chick-ens has increased.
He suggested bringing back stability in the market, the volatility in the supply of chicks, eggs, and chicken feed should be removed at first.
According to the calculations of the Directorate of Livestock, the farm chicken production in the country was 31.97 crore pieces in the financial year 2022-23.
According to the government, the production of chicken has increased gradually in the last 10 fiscal years. Until the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, the price of broiler chicken in the country was around Tk150 per kg. Since then, the chicken market has been fluctuating. Sometimes the farmers are making losses, and sometimes the buyers have to buy chicken at a higher price.
Last year, the government called the big four chicken producers to fix the prices after the prices had gone up just before Ramadan. The prices of chicken were decreased in the market at that decision.

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