No unity with BNP if Jamaat stays there: Dr Kamal


Staff Reporter
Gano Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Tuesday said his party will not join BNP in any greater national unity if Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami remains with it.
He came up with the announcement at a press conference at the National Press Club.
Asked whether they will go for forging the national unity with BNP keeping Jamaat with it, Dr Kamal said, "I and our party won't do it, but I don't know what other parties will do."
"So far, as I know, Jamaat is no longer political a party as its registration (with the Election Commission) has been cancelled," he added.
Mentioning that he did not go with Jamaat in his entire life, Dr Kamal said he would not budge from his posi-tion at this last stage of his life.
He, however, said there is a progress in the initiative for forging a greater unity to ensure a free, fair and inclu-sive national election in the country.
Replying to a question who will lead the alliance if there is a greater unity, Kamal said he believes in joint leadership, not an individual's leadership.
The Gono Forum chief said they have got permission for holding a public rally at Gulistan's Mohanagar Natya Mancha on September 22 as part of their efforts to forge the national unity.
About the shifting of the makeshift court to Old Dhaka Central Jail from Alia Madrasah ground to hold trial in Zia Charitable Trust graft case, he said the decision was not taken as per the Constitution. "I think, they (BNP) will challenge the decision, and the court will judge it. If I go to the court, I'll say it's not constitutional."
Dr Kamal, also a noted jurist, said holding the trial of an 'opposition leader' in jail is not the right action.
About the ruling party leaders' remarks on holding the trial of Col Taher in jail, he said it was held during the military rule 41 years back. "It's not logical to shift the court to jail citing such an instance. I think, the consti-tution has been violated with it." About BNP's demand for Khaleda's treatment in any specialized hospital, the Supreme Court senior lawyer said there is a long tradition of allowing sick prisoners receiving treatment in any hospital.
Referring to the arrest of several hundred BNP leaders and activists from their Monday's human-chain pro-gramme, he said the government should refrain from such acts to ensure a normal situation in the country ahead of the general election.