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British boys visit Porsche Museum

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--Monowara Begum from Germany
Oh nice, yell out Hasib al Rashid, 12, at the first sight at the Porsche
Porsche-Museum is a museum of Architecture in book form. The Porsche museum itself is an architectural wonder of metal and glass.
The traffic circle in front of the museum features a sculpture installed in the fall of 2015. Three different gen-erations of white Porsche 911 models are mounted on 82-foot tall white metal spikes in the traffic circle. It creates a striking anchor for the...

56 to be honored as CIP today

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Staff reporter
The government will recognize 56 businesspeople on Thursday as Commercially Important Person (CIP) for their contributions to the country's industrial sector through establishing industries, creating jobs and boosting economic growth.
Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu will...

California aims to drop fossil fuels for electricity by 2045

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Sacramento, Sep 11 (AP) - California has set a goal of phasing out electricity produced by fossil fuels by 2045 under legislation signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown, who said the policy should serve as a model for other states and nations.
Brown, who has positioned California as a global leader in...

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