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On trade policy, Trump is turning GOP orthodoxy on its head

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Washington, July 28 (AP) - President Donald Trump's trade policies are turning long-established Republican orthodoxy on its head, marked by tariff fights and now $12 billion in farm aid that represents the type of gov-ernment intervention GOP voters railed against a decade ago.
President George W. Bush increased the number of countries partnering with the United States on free trade agreements from three to 16. President Ronald Reagan signed a landmark trade deal with Canada that was later...

Bad week in social media gets worse; Twitter hammered

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New York, July 28 (AP) - Cracking down on hate, abuse and online trolls is also hurting Twitter's standing with investors.
The company's stock plunged Friday after it reported a decline in its monthly users and warned that the number could fall further in the coming months. The 20.5 percent...

‘$16 billion to boost oil output’

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Mexico City, July 28 (AP) - Mexico's president-elect announced a $16 billion investment plan Friday to boost flagging oil production, refinery capacity and electrical generation.
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the country must act "urgently" to reverse a decline that saw crude output drop to...

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