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Dr Kamal Hossain says

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Democracy must be made functional 
Staff Reporter
Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Saturday said democracy must be made functional so that the country’s people can exercise their basic rights.
As his party is facing a split, he suggested party leaders to organize its grassroots incorporating youths and women.
“Democracy will have to be made functional in the country. Democracy shouldn’t just be on the pages of a book. We should create opportunities for people to enjoy their rights,” he said.
The Gonoforum president came up with the remarks while virtually speaking at a meeting of the Gonoforum central committee at the Jatiya Press Club.
Dr Kamal said people will be able to effectively protect their rights if they become aware of the goals of the country’s constitutions and their basic and democratic rights.
Claiming that Gonoforum is working to implement the aspirations of people from the Liberation War and the freedom fighters, he said, "We’ll be able to give democracy an institutional shape in our country and translate the goals of our independence into reality if we can make our organization stronger".
The Gonoforum president asked its central leaders to organize the party in every district. “Increase the number of young men and women in the party and hold rallies all over the country in favor of the party, and present the principles and ideals of Gonoforum before people.”
He also suggested Gonoforum leaders launch a campaign to make people aware of democracy and their rights.
“We must increase the number of members of our party, not for raising our fund, but for working to bring a change. Many people are showing interest in different districts to become our party members. This is a good sign,” Dr Kamal said.
He thanked the party leaders for holding the meeting and working out the party's next course of actions.
Later, the meeting expelled its eight rebel leaders, including Mostafa Mohsin Montu, Dr Abu Sayeed and Subrata Chowdhury, Gonoforum, led by Dr Kamal Hossain, and decided to hold the party's central council on December 12.
On September 26, a faction of Gonoforum leaders, led by Montu, decided to hold the party’s national council on December 26 next.