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Thousands get solvency thru household dairies

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A Correspondent
Cumilla: Several thousand villagers including unemployed youths at Chilonia village in Lalmai upazila of Cumilla district have changed their fate by setting up household dairies and rearing cattle to produce milk.
About 1300 to 14,000 litres of milk are being sold from the village every day.
More than 200 families of the village have brought solvency selling cow's milk.
Besides, many villagers have set up household diary in nearby Gozaria, Hafania and Paduia village, locals said.
Abdul Aziz, owner of Aziz Dairy and Sweet, said he have changed a lot by producing milk setting up the household diary. He started his dairy journey in 2006 with one cow.
He bought more cows one after one after making profit. Following the quick profit, he took a bank loan and set up a household diary firm in 2010. Now he has a total of 250 cows in his diary including milk producing and rearing cows for meat.
He cultivated grass on around several acres of land for grazing his cows. Milk collectors get milk from his dia-ry at Tk 46 to 57 per liter.
Along with cattle rearing and milk producing, he opened a sweet factory.
Sometimes, he has to face loss as the businessmen could want to buy milk.
Following his diary firm, many unemployed youths from different villages have started diary firm at their house, he added.
Perul Uttor Union Parishad Chairman Abdul Bashar said not only Chilonia village but also others nearby vil-lages youths have set up the household diary and brought solvency.
Lalmai upazila livestock officer Dr Md Arif Hasanat said many household diaries have been running at Chilo-nia village. "Our livestock officers give them advice to make dairy farming easier to them."
They suggested to rear one or two cows with little cost and quick profit. Milk cooperative can solve their cus-tomer's shortage, the officer added.