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Dhaka calls for early return of Rohingyas

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rohingaStaff Reporter
Bangladesh High Commissioner to India Syed Muazzem Ali has called for the safe return of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar to have an early solution to the humanitarian crisis as there are security issues.
"Their safe return is important not only on the humanitarian ground, but also there are some serious security issues," he told an international convention on the Rohingya Genocide in New Delhi on Saturday.
The High Commissioner said if it is not solved at the earliest, this could act as a serious destabiliser in the whole region.
He thanked Salamah Educational, Health & Welfare Trust, its partners and all the participants of the convention for the noble cause of supporting the 'forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals -the Rohingyas'.
Quoting the UN chief, the Bangladesh envoy said the humanitarian crisis is a breeding ground for radicalisation, criminals and traffickers.
He also said the crisis had generated multiple implications for neighboring states and the larger region, including the risk of inter-communal strife.
Over one million Rohingyas have taken refuge in Bangladesh fleeing a brutal military crackdown in Myanmar, 700,000 of them coming since last August.
He said Bangladesh has given them temporary shelter on humanitarian ground.
Muazzem Ali said at the core of the problem is the refusal of Myanmar authorities to recognize them as their citizens, although they have been living there for centuries, as their citizens.
The Prime Minister has tabled a five-point solution for the resolution of the crisis at the last UNGA session.
"We believe that on the basis of that 5-point plan, continued and sustained international pressure on Myanmar will be catalyst for a long term solution in this regard. Only sustained international engagement can ensure the rights of the Rohingyas so that they could return to their homes and live there with peace and dignity."
Muazzem Ali thanked India for extending its support to address the crisis.
"We look forward to India's continued support in the international arena for the early return of these forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals," he said.
"We also appreciate Indian government's initiative for rehabilitation projects in Myanmar for constructing prefabricated houses along with China and Japan, for the Rohingyas," he added.