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Trump’s trade agenda hits stumbling blocks

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Washington, May 29 (AP) - President Donald Trump's hard-line views on trade, a staple of his message long before he entered politics, are beginning to collide with the cold realities of global geopolitics.
Trade talks on China and the North American Free Trade Agreement have hit stumbling blocks, posing a chal-lenge for a president who vowed to make trade deals more equitable for the United States during his 2016 campaign and who famously tweeted that trade wars are "easy to win."

Govt to import diesel from India thru rail wagons

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Staff Reporter
The government is going to import some 77,000 metric tonnes (578,420 barrels) of diesel from India through railway wagons to meet the domestic demand of petroleum for a period from May to December in 2018.
According to official sources at the Energy Division, the state-owned...

Marcel brings 43 models of LED TV

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Commerce Reporter
The local electronics and electrical appliances manufacturer 'Marcel' recently launched 43 models of LED tele-visions in the local market centering the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr and Football World Cup.
On the occasion of the two giant events, Marcel released Smart, Full HD and...

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