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Ecuador's government publicly apologized to the families of COVID victims

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Equador-covidCurfew imposed in the capital
Abdur Rahman Khan

The  Latin American  country  Ecuador's government publicly apologized to the families of Guayaquil'sCOVID-19 victims whose bodies remain missing.According  to  media reports,  the apologetically Friday after a court issued a sentence against several institutions involve din the bodies disappearance.The complaint against these institutions was promoted by the Ombudsman’s Office in the city.The judge's verdict also demanded Ecuador's Health Ministry and Social Security Institutionalize their employees about the protocol of the corpses' manipulationin times of pandemic.The government's apology note was published in a local outlet and was signed by the Guasmo Sur Hospital's manager.“We apology to the family of the victims,whose bodies remain missing. We also express our apologies to the relativist at were able to find for them selves the bodies of their loved ones,” the statement assured.According to the Ombudsman office, there was a clear violation against the rights to human dignity, personal integrity, the constitutional right of access to high-quality public services and legal security.During the first months of the pandemic, the citizens of the second largest Guayaquil took to social media to claim for help.Many said their loved ones were dying at home due to COVID-19, while others denounced the bodies of their loved ones that died from the disease were missing.As of Friday,Ecuador registers85,265 COVID-19cases,and5,702 deaths.Curfew imposed in the capital.Meanwhile,  the National Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) established as of Friday, July 31, a new curfew in Quito, the capital, and the cantons of 18 of 24 provinces of Ecuador to prevent the spread of Covid-19.As reported by El Comercio newspaper, the restriction on the movement of people was extended by the EOC in the face of the spread of Covid-19, which on Friday exceeded 85 000 cases in the country.The EOC’s resolution also forbids during these weekends the sale of alcoholic beverages in Quito and the other 18 Ecuadorian provinces, except in four-star restaurants authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and tourist establishments approved by the Ministry of Tourism, only to accompany food.Also, EOC set the guidelines for vehicle circulation according to the license plates, which will be allowed during the five Sundays of August.In all locations, the use of masks in public spaces and social distancing is mandatory, to avoid contagion and contain the spread of Covid-19.