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A new Middle East crisis brawling targeting Iran

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Abdur Rahman Khan
A rare daytime rocket attack hit Baghdad's Green Zone on Sunday while  the  Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was in a meeting with the top Iraqi officials  in  Baghdad.   .
According  to  news agency reports,  at least two rockets hit outside the US embassy in the high-security zone.
Before the meeting the Iranian Foreign Minister met his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi, President Barham Saleh, Parliament Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbussi and the head of Iraq's Supreme Judicial Council, Faeq Zeidan.
Zarif is also set to travel north to the Kurdish regional capital of Arbil to meet with officials there.
Iran has major military and political sway in Baghdad and is the second-largest exporter of consumer goods to Iraq.
But its influence irks both Saudi Arabia and the United States, which is urging Iraq to develop its diplomatic and economic ties to its Gulf neighbors.
Meanwhile,  Israel,  enjoying  best possible  support  from US  Trump administration  and  Saudi  Kingdom, is  aiming   to provoke Iran into a confrontation before the US general election in November, reported  i24 tv quoting  an EU intelligence source, .
In reference to a chain of recent fires and explosions, the EU  officials  said that Israel was instigating a “maximum pressure, minimal strategy”.
He said: “I fear the Israeli plan here is to provoke an Iranian response that can turn into a military escalation while [US President Donald] Trump remains in office.”
It is feared, the official claimed, that if Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden won the general election, he would less of an appetite for operations against Iran. He claimed the Israelis feared “there would be a lot less appetite for adventures and secret missions to blow up nuclear facilities.”
Earlier this year, a security official allegedly leaked information that Israel was responsible for the recent attacks on Iran, although Defense Minister Benny Gantz has claimed that not all of the attacks were Israel’s doing.
However, Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman accused Mossad Chief, Yossi Cohen of speaking the press and leaking in information.