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Farmers happy with bumper Aman production

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A Correspondent
Sirajganj: Farmers of different upazilas in Sirajganj district are satisfied with bumper Aman production this season.
Now they are busy harvesting the paddy at Tarash, Raiganj and Ullahpara upazilas of the district.
Some local farmers said they have achieved a bumper crop this season due to favorable weather conditions and the fertile land of the region. Many of them have started selling the new Aman paddy in different markets at good prices.
Agriculture officers at the Department of Agriculture Extension have suggested appropriate methods and pro-vided seeds, fertilizers from the agriculture extension office. In the last two weeks they have started cutting paddy, they added.
According to DAE, the farmers here have cultivated Aman paddy on around 100,000 hectares of land in the three upazilas in the western part of the district. The yield has been 7-10 maunds of paddy per bigha of land. (1 maund=40kg, 1 bigha=1/3rd of an acre)
Cultivation of Aman is very convenient for the farmers as they need not use much more irrigation, fertilizer and pesticide during this season. Now per maund of paddy is being sold at Tk 600-650 in different markets in the Chalan Beel region, sources said.
Saiful Islam, agriculture officer in Tarash upazila, said the farmers here are going to exceed the target set by the DAE as they have achieved a bumper crop.
The market price is good now and it will be increased in the following days, said Saiful hopefully.