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Leguna still in service despite ban by DMP

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UNB Report
Human haulers (Laguna) continued to rule the road in spite of a DMP (Dhaka Metropolitan Police) announcement prohibiting the plying of Lagunas on main roads in the capital.
Visiting different areas in the city it was found that human haulers were still plying on the roads.
UNB photographer took some photos on Monday of the scene of plying Leguna in front of the Police Head Quarters situated in Phoenix Road at Fulbaria.
DMP Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia declared last week that Lagunas will not be allowed on the streets of the capital.
"Lagunas are not supposed to be in the city. These vehicles will ply outside the city, on the feeder roads, where they have been given route permits," he said at a press conference, held to announce DMP's month-long special traffic management campaign.
"Serious traffic problems are created on the city streets due to the plying of such vehicles which are also the main causes of road accidents," the DMP commissioner said then.