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Sidr havoc still haunts locals after 10 yrs

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UNB Report
Bagerhat: Ten years after the devastating Cyclone Sidr, those who lost their loved ones are still wiping tears for the ones they lost.
Letting their lives go on as usual, they still bear the scars of the havoc Sidr left on the district which is very close to the Sundarbans.
The ones who still could not find the remains of those they lost are still at a loss of words.
Sohura Begum, a resident near the Boleshwar River, lost her daughter and two granddaughters, whose losses she could not yet overcome.
She recollected how her daughter, Surma Begum, had come to their house with her granddaughters, Mim, 4, and Karima, 2. It was their last visit to her house.
The onslaught during late November 15 swept them away.
Surma Begum and Karima's bodies were retrieved two days later from a nearby pond, but Mim's body was never found.
There are many more like Sohura Begum, including Salma Begum, her neighbor, who also lost her two daughters.
She recollected how her husband, Rahim Mridha, had gone to the Sundarbans that fateful night, leaving her alone with her two children.
The eldest, Mitu, was 2 years while the younger one, Naim, was 5 months' old.
During the onslaught, both her children's hands slipped away from her grip. A day later, she found her son's body, but not her daughter's.
Despite receiving several rounds of aid from the government and international donors, the loss of her children still haunts her. One of their bodies was found, while the other still remains missing.
Fifteen of Aynal Farazi's family members were swept away by the cyclone, while the Khan family in Rajair village lost 26 family members alone.
Some children even lost their parents, effectively rendering them orphans.
Among the various makeshift houses near the Boleshwar River, some were found to be sturdier than those pre-Sidr ones, with the addition of several two and three-storied cyclone shelters for any further attacks.