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Sunamganj people in trouble for doubling OMS rice price

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A Correspondent
Sunamganj: The distressed people of Sunamganj are in great trouble to buy rice from the open market sale (OMS) as the government has doubled its price.
The district administration launched the OMS of rice at Tk 30 per kilogramme from Sunday which was sold earlier at Tk 15 per kg.
As the food crisis in haor areas turned into a serious problem, the farmers, who lost their crops in recent floods, are demanding to decrease the price of rice.
Since April 9, the district administration has been selling the OMS rice at the rate of Tk 15 per kg at 110 dealer points in the district to meet the necessity of the flood victims.
With the increase of rice price, the disappointment among the farmers and distressed people also increased.
Abdul Kaium, a farmer, demanded to reduce the price of rice saying that it is a double trouble for them.
"We have to go at dealer points and waste entire day to buy rice at Tk 30 per kg when the nearby shops are selling rice at Tk 45 per kg," he added.
Ratan Kumar Dhar, a dealer, said Food Department has ordered them to sell rice at Tk 30 per kg; we have nothing to do in this regard.
Meanwhile, Sunamganj District Food Controller said they had received a letter from the Directorate General (DG) of Department of Food to sell rice at Tk 30 per kg.
The people of haor areas are experiencing food crisis as the farmers lost their crops of about 1,67,000 hectares of land in the recent flood and the price hiking of the staple food has made their lives more difficult, said the victims while visiting the district.